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Addressing AO2 – analysing how language creates meaning. 

The play is named after Macbeth not the Witches, yet their influence is felt from the beginning and even in their absence. Macbeth’s name is first mentioned by the Witches who decide when and where they will ‘meet’ with him. Examiners like to see that you have ideas about the play and can focus on and explore words or phrases relevant to the exam question. So, perhaps the fact that Macbeth is absent in scene one, yet is talked about in terms of the Witches’ plans, introduces him as a victim? If we’re to have any sympathy with Macbeth it is when Witch Three states,  ‘ there to meet with Macbeth’. In Early Modern English ‘meet with’ could mean ‘to attack, ambush..’ Now we have a different meaning to the whole scene and can consider the idea that his fate is sealed before he even appears! Relevant themes: Fate & the supernatural.