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Here are some of the positive comments I have received from parents and tutees. It is wonderful to see students progress with such confidence.

After my son received a perceived no pass for GCSE English language in his teacher’s assessment of probable result, we decided to contact an English tutor. Sue Harding was recommended by a friend, so we contacted her.

Sue was completely professional and discussed my son’s requirements directly with him. She also contacted the school and talked with his teachers to ascertain precisely what support would be required to help him pass English Language.

The online coaching commenced immediately, as due to the COVID-19 confusion there was little time before the November “resit” date.
Sue’s support was fantastic, and with her direct support and encouragement my son achieved a grade 5 GCSE in English Language after eleven tutoring sessions.

If you wish support for English for yourself or your children, look no further. Sue cannot be recommended highly enough.

Parents of a GCSE English Language student (2019) now studying for A Levels

Miss Harding was an excellent tutor and taught me so much in a small space of time just before my GCSE summer exams. Miss Harding always had something planned for us, gave us very detailed and thorough notes and taught us how to analyse texts in a sophisticated way. I really do recommend her because she is the one who brought me up from a grade 5 in my mocks, to a grade 8 in the final exam. I could not thank her enough as without her, I would have definitely not performed as well. Thank you so much, Miss Harding!

GCSE student

Before Sue, I really thought I would do awfully in my GCSE English. Getting 5s in my mocks, my friend and I came to Sue 2-3 weeks before our exams for help. Sue transformed my perspective of English, and showed us an entire new way to approach essays and analysis of our books. She changed my grades completely and at the end, I achieved a 9 and an 8 – I didn’t think I could ever get this! This was all due to Ms Harding and her belief in us, encouraging us to push on through the vast amounts of poetry and non-fiction comprehensions. After Ms Harding’s tutoring, I was even able to get 100% in my English Literature Paper 2. Thank you so much Sue, for all your help! You really made the biggest impact to my GCSEs! Couldn’t have done it without you!

GCSE student

Sue has tutored both of our sons, aged 9 and 13. She has been instrumental in boosting our older boy’s level of comprehension, to the extent he passed his senior school entry English exam with a distinction. She has been able to spark an interest in writing and use of vocabulary with our younger son, where previously there was very little. Her tutor periods are involved and thorough, with comprehensive follow up and set homework where appropriate. A very professional approach and I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Parent of Key Stage 3 and 4 students

I did extensive research online to find the right tutor for my son so he could pass his GCSE Exams in English Language and Literature. I also needed the right tutor as my son was fluent in another language as he was born and raised in the Philippines and had a very basic understanding of English when he arrived in the UK in 2016. The challenge of learning a new language with only three years to learn it before exams was intense. However, Sue accepted this challenge and in 2019 my son passed both English exams and has gone on to Sixth Form College. The best words to describe Sue as a Tutor are said by my son: “ Sue is kind, patient and understanding, I am now bilingual and I am so happy that my Father found and chose Sue as my Tutor in England.” Thank you, Sue.

Father of son who holds British/Filipino Dual Citizenship

Sue came on board at the last minute to help my boys with their GCSEs, as they had done worse than expected in their mocks. She was really flexible and squeezed in as many sessions for them as she could. I knew they had potential but felt that they needed a bit of focus and guidance to achieve their very best. They both passed with flying colours, with one of them getting an unpredicted 8 in Language and a 9 in his Literature. They said the resources Sue had given him were really useful and she had really improved their exam technique. More importantly they found her easy to talk to and get on with from the very start. We’ve tried a few tutors and found that building that relationship with teenagers is key. So thanks Sue, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to other parents.

Parent of twin GCSE students

Sue was recommended to me by an ex-colleague. When I contacted her I asked her to do something that no other teacher since primary had managed to do – encourage my daughter back into education by developing her love for literature. She did more than that. My daughter had not been able to go to school for four years. Consequently she had missed all of her secondary education.

Sue was wonderful, she was extremely patient, encouraging, understanding and more importantly, she listened. My daughter’s ideas were always discussed and never dismissed. She listened to me when I suggested ways to help my daughter. She worked towards GCSEs without putting pressure on her. As a result of Sue’s work with her, which only equated to a few months, my daughter was able to sit her GCSE English Language and English Literature exams without any stress or anxiety at all.

Believe me when I say, I cannot thank her enough for not only being an absolutely excellent teacher, but more importantly for giving my child her confidence back, and giving her hope for the future.

Parent of a GCSE student

I have known Sue for four years. She taught my daughter A level English at 6th Form and quickly became my daughter’s favourite tutor and nurtured her natural ability and creativity – my daughter went on to gain an A* and is now at university studying English. I know Sue played a huge role in this.

When my son was studying for his A level exams and needed some motivation and inspiration – particularly with English Literature – I knew Sue would be a perfect tutor. She loves the subject and knows it inside out and was able to inspire and encourage him. I was initially a little dubious about how the Skype sessions would work, but they were fantastic. My son was in the comfort of his study with all his notes and texts to hand and felt completely at ease with Sue. Every session left him motivated and encouraged and more confident in his own ability.

Sue focused on his essay writing and set him weekly tasks which he completed every week ready for the next session. She helped him to write more succinctly and with flair and his essays improved by up to two grades during the six months Sue tutored him. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Sue. She helped to turn my son from a boy drowning in texts to a confident writer who went into each exam feeling prepared and mentally at ease. She really inspired him and instilled in him a positive attitude as well as giving him the tools to write succinct, informative and creative essays. Any child would benefit from Sue’s tuition.

Thank you Sue!

Parent of Upper Sixth Form English Literature student

Sue tutored my daughter Ellie for her English Language A Level and English Literature A Level examinations. As a result Ellie gained a place to study English at Queen Mary’s University of London, her first choice. Sue was wonderful. She was always very focussed on what Ellie needed to work on and provided resources to help her take her studies further.  She was always punctual, friendly and polite as well as flexible when arranging tutorials especially leading up to exams. We are very grateful to her for the support given to Ellie and would not hesitate to recommend her.

Parent of A Level Literature and Language student

Susan is fantastic! She is always prompt and prepared for lessons that are focussed to bring out the best in students. My daughter really gained confidence and exam technique with Susan and was delighted to achieve a grade A in her A Level. Thank you SO SO much Susan!

Parent of A Level English student

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